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No ban on begging in Sweden

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
As we wrote recently that begging on the Swedish streets will soon be banned based on proposal by a municipality in Sweden, it turns out that idea was illegal. Therefore the ban on begging in Sweden is illegal meaning that begging on the streets is allowed and could even be protected by the law.


The commune, Sala Municipality in Sweden which was about to pass a law making begging a crime has been advised that it should drop the idea. County Administrative Board of V�stmanland after a review has decided that such a ban in a municipality’s local laws is not in accordance with the Public Order Act.

We reported last week about how Sala Municipality was vigorously designing a law to fully ban begging on the streets and to make it easier for the police to treat begging as a crime.

But according to the County Board a ban on begging would be too great a restriction on personal liberty. It would not necessarily help maintain security in a public place and it would be difficult for police to draw the line for what sector of begging in banned, according to V�stmanland county administration in a statement.
By Scancomark.se Team

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