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New Volcanic eruption in Iceland could interrupt flight once more

Sunday, 22 May 2011
Another Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn, which lies under ice in Europe's largest glacier Vatnajökull, has seen an out bust of materials into the air as the Volcano start erupting. Airspace over Iceland has been closed due to the ash cloud being formed.

The volcano started sending materials out last night and a 20 kilometre high column of smoke rose into the air. Column of smoke was visible from many places on the Island, including the capital Reykjavik.

At first it the airspace closest to the volcano was closed, but this morning it was decided to close the entire Icelandic airspace.
Iceland's Keflavik International Airport was closed at 10.30 Swedish time and Icelandic authorities were also considering closing the other airports, including that of Reykjavik, according to Reuters.

The decision on the closure of airspace is based on the British ash cloud prognosis made every six hours.
"The forecast for the next six hours shows that the ashes will be spread over Iceland during the day, which will lead to further closures of airports throughout the day," announces Icelandic flight authority Isavia.

Sweden say they are following the development in Iceland closely continuously, but so far it's have no impact on Swedish airports. They say they are in contact with the Icelandic (Keflavik) authorities

Here is the possibility that it would probably affect the air traffic from Norway across the Atlantic, according to Duestad Petter, chief operating officer of the Norwegian aviation authority Avinor.

Flight-going westward, to the United States, may fly a different route, either far south or far north of Iceland, "he told Norwegian news agency NTB.

“There may be delays, but it depends on how much traffic it gets. Sundays are usually a day with fewer passengers than other days of the week.

Grimsvotn is Iceland's most active volcano and has eruptions on average every six years. The last time was 2004, when ash was felt as far away as in continental Europe and some flights to and from the Island had to be cancelled.

A new eruption was expected. This one also appears to be stronger than the last eruption in 2004, wrote the Icelandic newspaper 'Morgunblaðið online.
"It could be a big eruption, but it is unlikely that it will be like last year,” said geologist Hjorleifur Svein Bjornsson of Iceland's meteorological agency.

Last year ash from the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull paralysed air traffic over large parts of Europe for several weeks.
By Scancomark.se Team

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