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Muticulturalism has failed in the UK. At least the tried how about Sweden
Sunday, 06 February 2011
Since the German chancellor Angela Merkel walk boldly and said that multiculturalism has failed in Germany many western European leader put their heads under the pillow waiting to hear that there is an immediate race riot outside their back garden. But as such did not happen, they got up, smoothed their jackets and went outside.  Some of them started taking notes from television analysis of the German chancellor’s speech and then developed theirs.

Entre David Cameron – leader of the British Conservative Party,  Prime minister of Great Britain – the man on the ground who knows much about multiculturalism or diversity. After all, it is his party character to know about other races or cultures. That is fully entrenched in his party history as such he could observe that Multi Culturalism has failed in his country  the UK.

Therefore he walked to Germany yesterday at a security conference and spilled every  thing out. Mr Cameron said “Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism," he said. "Multiculturalism has encouraged different cultures to live separate lives and left people afraid to confront views that they find objectionable,"

As intelligent as David Cameron is – or what he is made to believe that he is, he made the calls the same day two rival groups were to march contrary to each other. The English defence league (EDL) now being considered as a far right group was to match for the preservation of the British cultural identity – though some experts are still to identify which aspect could be considered as British cultural identity. Marching in Luton, a town north of London with a large Asian population, they chanted slogans such as "Taliban scum off our streets."

Then there was the Unite against Fascism which was also marching on the other side  in the same street at the same time, calling the English defence league (EDL) as racist and chanting slogans such as - racist leave our streets.

Well, it is unfortunate for the English defence league and the Unite against Facism because both side are struggling to salvage what they have at hand.
Iit is better here in the UK be a black African  and then grow grew up in Sweden, then see how hard it is to get integrated. The swede want to you to get integrated but they don't want to collaborate with you  - in all aspects of life education, business, social etc. However, this case if f´different from other people with very strong cultures and religions.  Both the governments and to some extent the minority groups have missed their chance to do their assignments.

Many minorities have tried to get integrated but the system has held them down. In the UK it has been better than in Sweden where  the UK had given lost of chances and opportunities to minorities. Some groups have not taken the chances. In Sweden the chances are not even given and if one succeeded to get it, it is taken away.  It even comes to the level that people become so demoralised and loose any last feeling of a dream.  I Sweden discrimination and alienation is a culture and it will never change. Therefore, anything multi culturalism in Sweden is something that should not even be mentioned. 

Various British opposition politicians have criticized Mr. Cameron, for his antiques starting with labour MP and shadow cabinet member Sadiq Khan, saying that Mr Cameron's speech was tantamount to "writing propaganda for the English Defence League," relating to the weak timing of the speech.

However, the EDL remains a marginal group in Britain and still lacks a mainstream anti-immigrant party power such as in France and Sweden.  But one never knows how thing change especially with far rights gaining grounds in Europe, they may turn strong.

Maybe one of the reasons why they are still weaker is because in the past few years the big British parties have been expressing views on issues such as immigration that would once have been a no go zone. Even the conservative party and the PM Cameron have imposed a cap on immigration.

On a BBC political program, the  Andrew Marr show, the chairman of the British Equalities and Human Rights Commission,  Trevor Phillips refused to criticise Mr Cameron's claim that multiculturalism had failed.

He said Mr Cameron "may have made life a bit more difficult for himself" by combining a speech on terrorism with one on integration but said he was right to say it was not the role of government to tell people to embrace multiculturalism.

However he added: "People don't choose not to integrate mostly. There are a few people on the edges who don't want to integrate with anybody else but most people, if they don't mix, it's because they don't have the choice."
By Scancomark.se Team

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