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Most recent victorious Finnish Populist party, the True Finns wants to the Informal Economy

Friday, 22 April 2011
The True Finns' ascent into government was not driven solely by immigration and opposition to the eurozone bailout. There was widespread dissatisfaction with how the larger parties dealt with a range of issues, including the informal economy that is believed to have infused the Finnish market place in recent years.

Specifically, many Finns believe that competition in the construction section is driven by the black economy, informal workers and companies who don't pay all the social charges and taxes they should be paying. As such Finland is loosing out lost of money to the informal sector.

All political parties have promised to fight the grey economy, but results have been poor. Many candidates mentioned the issue again in the recent election campaign, prime among them the True Finns. The True Finns’ win was a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel for according to supporters of the party in the sector.
The also believe that “The True Finns have the right goals.”

True Finns MP Tom Packalén has promises to get something done this time. Packalén says that other parties have lacked the political will to confront the issue.
“True Finns have the will to fix this thing,” proclaims Packalén, a former Helsinki policeman. “It requires will and resources.”

Packalén would give the police, tax inspectors and other official bodies at least a million euros a year in increased budgets, and try to ensure those big firms and those involved in public procurements played by the rules.

”More resources for the tax office, the police and other agencies will be demanded from the government programme,” lists Packalén.

The police are worst affected by the lack of resources, according to Packalén. But also the number of regional agencies’ inspectors should be increased from the current 12 to at least 50.

Packalén believes that the fight against the grey economy should be directed at big firms and those working on government contracts.

The True Finns now want to take their theories developed in opposition into government. The new coalition will probably also include the SDP, which has also decried the informal economy. Now more than ever, voters can expect something to be done about the issue.
By Scancomark.se Team

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