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More Swedes working in Norway could be forced to register there
Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Thousands of Swedes who do the border commuters to work in Norway might be forced to have a registration in the Norway following a new rule being designed.

The reason behind the move is that the Norwegian tax authorities are in pursuit of false identities and are introducing new, tougher, procedures for identity verification.

Therefore to work in Norway now will require a Norwegian personal number. This is in contrast with the previous system which was easy to obtain temporary Norwegian personal number, the so-called D-number.

But it also meant that a large number of false identities exist in Norway. Only for the last six months, the Norwegian tax authorities discovered 500 false identities. To stop this type of development, the government introduces this new procedure.
The new system will also required that an individually personally appear and show identification to get their numbers.

The framework is only that those who live and work in Norway for less than 183 days a year to have temporary security number. All others must have a real number and also the people actually registered in the place here they live in Norway. Exceptions are made only for those such as living in tents or caravans. Overnight house and barracks counted as a permanent residence.

To become registered as living in Norway means that a Swede will no longer have voting rights in Swedish municipal and county council elections and that they are longer entitled to the Swedish health care and other Swedish social benefits. In the summer of 2008 also the Swedish government stated that the country’s employment service can refer an employed person to take a job in Norway. They will loose their unemployment insurance scheme payment if they declined the job. This was seen as a kid of forced emigration for job seekers.

The Swedish Government through the Minister for Trade Ewa Bj�rling informed the Norwegian Government about the issue. There are 28 000 Swedes working in Norway today, and those affected by the Norwegian tax authorities new, more stringent, procedures for identity verification are about 5000  Swedes who live in the province of V�rmland and work in Norway. They last choose now will be to move and get a Norwegian address if they want to keep their jobs.
The benefits of working in Norway and living in Sweden are that Norway pay better than swede3n and the Norwegian Krone is strong. Cost of living in Norway is extremely high compared to Sweden. As such living in Sweden and earning from Norway is a win-win situation for the worker bit loss to the Norwegian authorities because the money is spent cross the boarder.
Some authorities are already saying that The Norwegians want to force Sweden who want to work in their country to live there rather that an ID scare.
Others feel that the Swedish government is desperate to cut persisting high unemployment by forcing jobless Sweden over to Norway where there are more jobs. Evidence of this is the fact that the Swedish government passed a new law which came into effect yesterday Monday which give subvention to jobless people who are seeking jobs out of Sweden.
By Scancomark.se Team

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