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More Swedes with immigrant background to be given a second chance of a better life

Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Sweden is a very tight place for immigrants when in comes to getting a career or making a life to scale of typical average Swedish life class. As such many Swedes with immigrants’ background have been getting out of the country in their drove.  But as that happens, the law makes it that they loose their residency – especially those with permanent residency. But now, that seems to changing as the government wants to give them a second chance of a better life in relaxing their free movement status.

Already a few thousand Somalis have chosen to move from exclusion in Sweden. They are the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in the country. On Thursday it will be  presented by a Swedish parliamentary  inquiry a proposal to make it easier for immigrants to try their chances in another country without losing their Swedish residence permit.

Almost half of the more than two thousand Somalis whom over the past ten years have left Sweden, moved to Britain – and a good stream of people have moved to such as London, Birmingham and Leicester – all British cities.

Besides Britain, there has also been a great exodus to the U.S. and Canada, which has also attracted Iraqis and Iranians Swedish residents.

On Thursday, March 31, a parliamentary committee will present a proposal that will facilitate the mobility of today's migrants.

“Today, legislation is built on the premises that migrants move from one place to another and then stays there. It is not true with migrants' patterns of movement. Many move to where there are opportunities, "said commission chairman Mikaela Valtersson of the Green party.

Those who are Swedish citizens are already understandably moving around Europe as EU citizen have free movement and residency in the Union at any time. But those who are not yet citizens lose their permanent residence on the assumption that the person has moved abroad.

“It makes you dare not move on to a third country to look for work or study. Or see if it works to return to Sweden, "said Mikaela Valtersson.

The study suggests, therefore, that those moving abroad, for example, to start a business, work, study and examine the possibilities in their former homeland, can retain their permanent residence for five years. That will contrast with today rule which limits such benefits to only one year.

The opportunities to settle in the third country, of course, depend on  that country’s national law. Those who are not Swedish citizens but have a permanent resident status of Sweden or any EU state are more likely to reside in other member countries. So far, Britain has been generous in this way. But the crisis in the UK could lead to tighter rules.
By Scancomark.se Team

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