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More Finns are saving

Monday, 31 October 2011
Three out of four Finns do not intend to change their savings or investment behaviours due to the uncertainty in the economy.
A new study from the Finnish saving bank’s latest savings survey show this trend which will likely hit the country’s economic growth trajectory.

“The majority of savers are continuing to save so far without letting themselves to be influenced by the overall situation,” said Savings Bank Association Executive Director Pasi Kamari.
Younger men however seem to go against the trend as the group,  including both those who intend to save more and those who intend to sell or relocate their investments could be seen doing just that.

Today on the whole, there two out of three Finns who save and this is most common saving among those aged over 60 years. The saving bank’s barometer also shows that Finns confidence in their individual economy has deteriorated.  23 percent now think that their personal finances will deteriorate over the next twelve months. Last year, the figure was 16 percent.
A total of 1472 people took part in the saving barometer. Responses were collected between September and October.
By Scancomark.se Team


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