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Many Swedish people want their king to abdicate but still great support for the kingdom

Wednesday, 07 December 2011
More than half of Swedes want King Carl XVI Gustaf to resigns and leave his throne. A survey carried out in which 1000 Swedes were polled by the polling institute, Novus for the Swedish television channel TV4.

32 percent of those polled want the Crown Princess Victoria to takes the over the throne, and 21 percent want to abolish the monarchy altogether. Still a clear majority - 58 percent want to keep the monarchy.

Confidence in the King has fallen as a result of revelations which suggested that he got involved with the wrong crowd and behaved poorly. It is reported that he visad his friend Anders Lettström to negotiate with a heavy criminal to obtain photographs which he did not want them release to the public.

Anders Lettström to the Swedish tabloid paper Aftonbladet on Saturday that he had informed the king about that the discussion with the leader of the criminal underworld was aimed at obtaining the incriminating pictures.

The King had previously denied all knowledge about the negotiations with the criminal underworld.
Today, 35 percent of Swedes say that they have very little trust in the king. 30 percent have great confidence, and the rest have no opinion.
By Scancomark.se Team

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