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Malmö a Swedish city on the brink solicits national criminal police’s support to deal with a growing out of control rowdy criminal environment

Thursday, 29 December 2011
Swedish criminal central police,  Rikskriminalen  has been called in to help the police in Skåne, southern Sweden deal with out of control criminality characterise by deadly shootings, ambushed and bombings.

This part of the country has seen lots of deadly shootings occurred this year in this part of the country such that the local police there have had it hard to cope with. Today a dozen police officers have been sent down to support the police in Malmö.

Skåne police is very strained after dealing with various murders, attempted murders, shootings and serious violence that occurred during the year. Just a few days within December, two people have been shot to death.

“We will send a dozen from the National Criminal Police, to help the Skåne police with their investigations,” said Anders Wretling, section chief at the Swedish National Police.

The day after Christmas, a 27-year-old man was shot to death when he was playing cards in a union facility. Two other men also escaped with minor gunshot wounds.
Just a few days earlier, on December 20, a 55-year-old craftsman was shot to death, when he was about to renovate a local cafe.

“As we see it concretely, there is no connection between the two men shot to death” said the county police in Skåne's operational chief, Borje Sjöholm to Swedish television news program Rapport.
This looks like an act of either random shootings or some one is out there shooting people who resemble ho sot her targets – or mistaken identity.

“One problem is that there are too many guns on the streets and that the violence has changed,” continues Sjöholm.

On the whole, the Skåne police will be investigating some six murders and a further 20 or so serious shootings.

It is not clear of the shooting has to do with increasing disagreement among criminal gangs for they seem to be at peace at the moment. But several of those shot are known to police, according to Börje Sjöholm report Swedish television.
By Scancomark.se Team

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