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Lung disease patient died after nine hours in the emergency room 

Friday, 23 December 2011
A lung disease patient was forced to sit for more than nine hours in the emergency department of a hospital in Gothenburg, western Sweden before he was admitted. Then it was too late because fifteen minutes later the patient died.

This is an example of the wonders of the Swedish healthcare system. A system which outside the country people are made to believe that it is one of the best in world. But this is the type of care that it delivers.

The matter has now been referred to the welfare Board according to news reports.
The lung disease patient arrived at the emergency department at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg with breathing problems.

Doctors consider that the patient needed to be admitted in the pulmonary medicine department, but despite repeated attempts by the staff to find a bed for the patient, there was none to be found.

After more than nine hours was there a bed found finally, but that was late because only 15 minutes after the patient arrived the ward, the patient died.

This is it the Swedish healthcare system that mush of it has been privatised such that beds have been crumpled  and now we see th some of the longest bed blocking as well as the longest waiting times, But Swedish statistics will always show that waiting times are shorter.
By Scancomark.se Team

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