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Living in New York better that in Stockholm according to a new Swedish political party leader

Saturday, 07 January 2012
The Swedish opposition party, the Left Party has a new leader. He is called Jonas Sjöstedt and he started his new position with strong words when he said that “it is a punishment to live in Stockholm.”

He had said earlier to reporters that “personally, I think it is a punishment to have to live in Stockholm compared with living in Umeå or New York or some other pleasant city. It's a bit boring in comparison. It's a bit lean in any way, how people are to each other. "

Currentl, Sjöstedt live in Östermalm in central Stockholm, in a district where his party got just 23 votes in the last election, but his heart is in Umeå.

In an interview with the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, he threw some more light on what he meant by choosing to live in Umeå instead of Stockholm.

 “I fully understand that people enjoy and want to live in Stockholm. But of course I have lived in Umeå and that is where I belong.”

He says he dislike ending up in Östermalm. He feels that New York has more in common with Umeå than with Stockholm – maybe the diversity and how other people look at different ethic groups and diverse views. Stockholm is more divided along class, race, profession and the like.

However, there are quite a lot he likes about Stockholm. “I like to wander around town and see the traces of the old Stockholm. I like the mature suburbs, Årsta, Gröndal and Aspudden.
Jens Kärrman.”
By Scancomark.se Team

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