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Lithuania is building new nuclear power plants

Friday, 06 May 2011
Nuclear power developments in parts of the world are under review after the Japanese nuclear meltdown but not in Lithuania, where the development of nuclear power in riding on well. A new nuclear power plant will be located at a distance of less than 70 miles to Sweden.

At this point, the nuclear authorities in Vilnius are planning a new plant. According to Rimantas Vaitkus - Head of external trade - the final work on the new plant in underway.

“The time has come to realize the power plant. And we have strong support from our partners in the Government of Estonia, the Latvian government and the Polish government,” said Rimantas Vaitkus, director of external trade at the Lithuanian nuclear power authority.

A facility will be built in north-eastern Lithuania in the town of Visaginas, next to the Belarusian border. The plant will be built with a distance of less than 70 mile from Sweden.

For Lithuania - whom before joining the EU was near self-sufficiency in electricity production and use is now waiting to expand electric production with this long-awaited new facility. Since the Ignalina nuclear power plant finally was demolished two years ago, the country has been relying more on imported electricity from Russia.
The plant to be built in Lithuania is a collaborative operation with Estonia, Latvia and Poland.
“Now we are in the negotiation phase with investors. The plan is to apply to the Finnish model, "says Rimantas Vaitkus.

The Finnish model implies that investors who want 10 percent of the electricity produced are also investing 10 percent of production costs.

“We will try to implement the Finnish Mankala model. This means that if you invest in 10 percent of production costs, you get back 10 percent of the electricity produced, "said Rimantas Vaitkus.

Rimantas Vaitkus assure that the new Lithuanian nuclear power plant - which is scheduled for completion in nine years - will be different from the past and maintain high international safety standards.

“The standard of Lithuania's nuclear power stations will follow the international regulations, "said Rimantas Vaitkus.

Vaitkus said also that the both the Lithuanian Environment Minister and Foreign Minister have questioned the safety of two other reactors to be built in the region - just a few mil from the Lithuanian border into neighbouring countries, Belarus and Russia.

They are trying to ascertain if these stations meets international standards: “From the Lithuanian side, there has been some diplomatic letters sent to one another. And our environmental and foreign minister has not received any questions answered in the way we wanted, "said Rimantas Vaitkus.
By Scancomark.se Team

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