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Left wing Social Democrats in power in Denmark, following trends in Finland and Norway.

Friday, 16 September 2011
As we reported last night, the left-wing party bloc in Denmark was victorious in the general elections there. But not until former prime minister, Lars Rasmussen shortly before midnight said to his supporters that he congratulated his rival Helle Thorning-Schmidt, it was quite clear: Denmark will change colour in its political placing.

Although the Prime minister Parties and coalition lost, still, it shows that he is still a formidable force. This is because he was expected to have close more but the results needed up very closer than would have been expected.

However, back to the changing Danish political platform, that Denmark has a new political face is not just about Thorning-Schmidt soon become Denmark's first female prime minister, but the entire political landscape, after ten years of bourgeois rule has moved, if not entirely to the  LEFT, then at least to the middle.

But the victory had a bitter aftertaste. The Social Democrats made the worst election showing since 1906 with only 24.9 percent of the vote and Løkke Rasmussen's Liberal Party is still the country's largest party.

The red center-left bloc had a total of 50.2 percent of the vote, against 49.7 percent for the blue block. This means that the red block may have 89 seats against the blue bloc’s 86 seats.
The Social Democrats may have the post of prime minister despite the catastrophic elections

The Social Democrats currently captured prime minister did their worst election since 1906. The party may lose 44 seats and a simple majority in the parliament, Folketing. The Social Democrat’s Alliance partner Socialist People's Party lost seven seats.

The election big winner among the red bloc's two smaller parties were the radical and Enhedslisten. The radicals have 17 seats, which is eight more than in past elections.
Enhedslisten on their part, skipped from 4 to12 seats.

The turnout in yesterday's parliamentary elections was the highest in 27 years: 87.7 percent. The most important issue during the election campaign was the economy.

How to deal with the tight coalition will be a tough issue for Thorning-Schmidt.  Already during the election night noticed a new game between the parties where Enhedslistens Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen warned Thorning-Schmidt and Socalist people’s party's Villy Sövndal to listen too more to the Radical,  Margrethe Vestagers middle policy.This can be a problem when Thorning-Schmidt benches them as these parties, promised to support her candidacy and the prime ministry based on a number of things, including the economy.
The final distribution of seats in the Danish Assembly of choice (change since 2007 in parenthesis):
Social Democrats: 44 seats (-1)
Radical Liberals: 17 seats (+8)
Conservative Liberal: 8 seats (-10)
Socialist People's Party: 16 seats (-7)
Liberal Alliance: 9 seats (+4)
Kristendemokraterne: 0 seats (0)
Danish People's Party: 22 seats (-3)
Liberal Party: 47 seats (+1)
Enhedslisten: 12 seats (+8)

This gives a distribution of seats between the blocks at 89-86
In the Faroe Islands is the distribution of seats between the blocks 1-1. In Greenland results where still not clear on the night of Friday.
Yet what a joyous
Social democrat leader who spoke early on Friday morning, pointed that “It was enough …We did it! Today we made history”.
“We have a difficult time ahead of us. But I know we can lift the flock.”

In the bourgeois camp, the atmosphere was pretty subdued, especially in the Conservative People's Party, Ventre government partner that lost more than halved in the election. Even with the Danish People's Party, which had the closest power of veto in Danish politics over the past ten years, the mood was sombre. But party leader Pia Kjärsgaard tried to transform loss into victory.
“Do not think that a new government under Helle Thorning-Schmidt can do without us. It’ll not, she told cheering party members.

The Swedish Prime Minister sent congratulatory words to the new in coming Danish prime minister
“I congratulate Helle Thorning-Schmidt for the election results and looking forward to a good working relationship with her during the next legislature,” said the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in a written statement after the victory.

The Swedish biggest party and the leading opposition, the Social democrats might feel energise and hope that when elections come to Sweden they too will be riding high. For that the Swedish Social Democrat leader Hakan Juholt was happy with his Danish colleague

“The Social Democrats are now in government in Norway, Finland and Denmark,” he said.
By Scancomark.se

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