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Large explosive found in Norwegian possession could had led to another big massacre

Friday, 09 September 2011
Both firearms and substances that can be used for bomb-making have been seized from a 27-year-old Norwegian.
He had enough fertilizer on his property in Larvik to produce a bomb of 200 pounds.
The man, after a decision on Friday was detained for two weeks, in full isolation.
Oslo Police believe that the 27-year-old has had no contacts with Anders Behring Breivik, who committed the attacks on 22

27-year-old does not belong to any organized far right-wing extremist environment, said a police source to Norwegian TV2. However he should have been active in online forums and support for extreme attitudes toward Muslims.

He is alleged to have stored substances that can be used for bomb-making in the residential district of Larvik, located west of the Oslo fjord.
The man has previously been suspected of gun crimes.
Far right movement in Norway is growing deeper ands disorganised making it hard to trace.
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