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PISA: Finland remains on top but not number one
08 December 2010
Finnish students have again done well in the PISA test conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, which is carried out every three years. Literacy and knowledge in sciences has somewhat dropped compared to past periods of the test.

In the test in which 65 countries participate to test the educational gains of their 15 year olds, Finland, since 2000, has been able to boast that its 15-year-olds performances was one of the best in the world. This year among the 65 countries that participated Finland is still among the best. Over 200 Finnish schools participated in the test.

Existing literacy, Finland ranked third after Shanghai and Korea, although their score in information search, reading literacy and verbal audacity has Finland dropped slightly this year less than 10 years ago.

Finnish student’s knowledge in science has become a bit low placing them second best after Shanghai, in China.
In Mathematics Finns remain at the same level as since 2003 on sixth place after the bad tempered Asians from  Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

In all countries, girls demonstrated better reading skills than boys. Of the OECD countries the biggest difference between girls and boys is found in Finland. Among 15-year-olds with excellent reading skills, there is clearly more girls who perform better than 15-year.  However, the difference between schools performances in Finland is less than in the other countries.

Finland - Swedish speaking schools is still clearly lagging behind compared to the Finnish-speaking, schools "says researcher Heidi Harju-Luukkainen, University of Jyväskylä.
The idea of PISA is to see whether performance in meeting the objectives set by the school curriculum is met, but to find out what kinds of skills and knowledge young people have to live a good life and flourish in the future society and the workplace.
By Scancomark.se Team

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