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Integration Norwegian style – Divide the school students by race

Friday, 25 November 2011
A secondary school in Norway has chosen to divide students by ethnicity. The Education Council of the City of Oslo could not believe their ears.

"It's the first time I hear about something like this and it is totally unacceptable," said Torger �dergaard to news agency NRK.

Bjerke Videreg�ende School ( high school ) in Oslo is concerned that so many ethnic Norwegian students are started searching for other schools as a result of growing mix of their school. Therefore the solution to retain students was to take the controversial position.

“We took in the end a rather difficult decision to place the 14 ethnic Norwegian students in two classes, and none in the third. It has led to fewer Norwegian students to stop seeking to leave,” says Hannah Norum Eliassen, school administration at Bjerke Videreg�ende School to the news paper Dagsavisen.

She believes that it is not about discrimination. “As it stands it would mean that we get the diversity of the school in the way we want. I think it's boring if we get brown and white schools. It serves no one,” says Norum Eliassen.


School board in Oslo municipality disagrees. Certainly not! “It is obvious why this is unacceptable. There is no reason to divide the students by ethnicity. So we can not have it,” says �dergaard to Norway’s radio television NRK .
When Gurjot Singh started at Bjerke in the fall, he thought it was odd that there were only students with foreign ancestry in his class.
“What school does, and the reason they give did not make sense. It gives a feeling of being locked out. I was born in Norway and have lived here all my lives. I have Norwegian friends and I know Norwegian as white Norwegians,” says Gurjot Singh.

Lawyer, Professor Henning Jakhelln, is shocked at the reports.
“This is pure apartheid. This is not segregation and integration in the Norwegian public school. Shocking,” says Jakhelln to Dagsavsisen.

School Council official �dergaard do not know if other schools have similar divisions, but stresses that it does not belong in Oslo's school policy.
He has informed the school administration whose president has now apologized, and admits that he has made a mistake.

“We see that this division is wrong and we will make a new division. There we will mix students with both ethnic Norwegian and not ethnic Norwegian background,” he said according to news agency NTB.
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