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Increased Swedish interest to travel to post Kim Jong Il’s North Korea

Tuesday, 27 December 2011
After the death of Kim Jong-Il's more and more Swedish travel agents have noticed an unusually high demand for travel to North Korea.
World Travel, a travel agency that organizes trips to Asia, including North Korea told the Swedish daily, Dagen’s Nyheter that they have observed increased interest directed to travels to North Korea and this could be as the consequence of Kim Jong Il's death.
“I think it is driven by several factors, including that closely related to the death of Kim Jong Il. Now I do not think the incident has led to more bookings, but North Korea is very topical right now,” said Mikael Hellström who works for a travel agency that books so many to North Korea to Dagens Nyehter
Next year marks the 100th year that "the Great Leader" Kim Il-Sung was born and it will be a year of celebrated with pomp in the country because as at now, he is after all, the country's "eternal president" even though he died in the 1994.
Swedes have been travelling there for quite a few years, but it is only now that a wider public has been told that it is, quite simply to go there according to Mikael Hellström.
At the travel agent Korea Konsult, which specializes in tours to the extremely closed country, there has also been notices that more Swedes want to go to North Korea.
“Recently, we have had more bookings than normal,” said CEO Julia Dalard.
She believes that North Korea is an odd destination and that it is what is attractive right now. “It's a very isolated country that we know very little about. I think that is what attracts,” she says.
“It's a very big year for the country and it will be very, very crowded. If you want a quieter trip, it is perhaps not a good option. But like one big mass events, it is a good time to go there.”
Who are the typical North Korean-tourists? Well, according to Mikael Hellström, it is difficult to generalize, but there are still some who are tending to go there on vacation.
“It's a great mix. The difference from our other trips is that this is made up of, well a lot of younger people. There are also more men who are interested to go there,” he says.
By scancomark.se Team

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