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Illegal immigrants welcome for free similar high quality care in Sweden as the rest.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Known as hidden, undocumented migrants or illegal migrants, they are all welcome to receive the same care as those living in Sweden, a new government inquiry later on Tuesday suggested.

“It's very important that treatment is provided on equal terms. Everyone is entitled to benefits, it should not have to depend on what order you have in their paper,” said Social Affairs minister G�ran H�gglund to radio Sweden.

Today, undocumented residences in Sweden are excluded from the care system when they get ill. They could have just immediate emergency care but nothing more. Regional establishments would also have the right to charge or make claims for the amount spent on this sector of the community.

The right to care for undocumented residents in Sweden has been investigated over a year now. Today, it suggests a government inquiry that undocumented migrants should be entitled to the same care as others in society, and that health care system also should be subsidized to meet that challenge.

The same should apply to asylum seekers as well as also people who live in hiding after rejection to grant residency.


With regard to dental care, the investigation recommend that children of people hidden in the society have the same rights as children living in the country, that is, that dental care should be free for those children. For adults however, there was the call for the proposal of stricter rules.

Health care for undocumented migrants have previously split the various political parties in government. The ruling Conservatives only wanted to have more generous rules for the hidden women who need prenatal care, while the Christian Democrats, Liberals and Centre Party wants to go much further.

In March this year, however, there was an agreement between the four bourgeois parties and the Green Party to extend the right to health care to cover more.

Social Affairs Minister G�ran H�gglund sees no risk that poor people from other countries will dive to Sweden to seek cheaper care.

“There is nothing in the studies from other countries which suggests that people are drawn to countries that are entitled to free health care, "said G�ran H�gglund to radio Sweden.

The investigation now considers that it is difficult to calculate what it costs the society for healthcare for undocumented and hidden people but mostly it could reach about Skr2.2 billion annually.

“The lessons and experience from counties that have opened up this possibility is that the costs are very small, "said Social Affairs G�ran H�gglund.
But for Migration minister Tobias Billstr�m who is from the conservative Moderate party, rejects the inquiry findings and suggestions. The economic impact has not been sufficiently addressed, according to him.
“I think we must be clear that attitude is everything for everybody. One must differentiate, and it has not been done in the investigation,” said migration Tobias Billstr�m to radio Sweden.
By Scancomark.se Team

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