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Iceland’s News constitution to be drafted thanks to social media network

Friday, 10 June 2011
Iceland is evolving after being brought to its knees a few years ago by the economic crisis which was caused by the collapse of its top banks. but as the country tries to turn a news leaf, it looks to the social media system to fully engage its people in the design of a new constitution.

But as a country with the most progressive looking people and system, the economy is gradually coming back and so the island country wants to transforms it politics and people’s rights.  Looking around in today’s way of doing things, the social media is thus emerging as important asset.

Iceland is on track to become the world's most modern nation when its people would be allowed to write the new constitution with the aid of social media. The parliament’s role is simply to lay out the document on the web for crowd sourcing - and promise the people to approve the version without further amendments.

The new constitution is a step in transforming the country and includes major changes in how MPs are elected and appointed judges.

In ancient times, constitutions were often written mostly by men in hats and beards. Iceland's own version was mostly a copy of the Danish Constitution when it was adopted in 1944, after independence from Denmark.

Icelanders are one of the world's most connected people with over two thirds of the population on Facebook. Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir began the process as a unique experiment in direct democracy.

1000 Icelanders aged 18-89 years were selected at random to discuss and submit their views on what should be included in the new constitution. It was felt that the country needed a fresh start after the economic collapse 2008
By Scancomark.se team

Key Norwagian Facts

Official Name Republic of Iceland
President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson
Prime minister Johanna Sigurdardottir
Population 320,000
Capital City Reykjavik
Monetary Unit Icelandic Krona
  1 Krona = 100 aurar
Domain Name .IS
Int. Dialling Code +354
Official Language Icelandic
Religion Christianity
Main stock market Name OMX Iceland 6 PI ISK
Internet Speed 4.2 Mbps (2009)
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