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I thought the sperm was safe: Danish Sperm Donor spread rare disease via his sperm

Tuesday, 31 May 2011
One victim of the disease – plague sperm has emerged and spoken to the media in Denmark.  Lone Søgaard-Kristensen's daughter Andrea is two and a half years, but already better known at hospitals and physicians than most other children. She must be closely monitored by doctors, and once a year, she must have her brain scanned. She is infected with the disease neurofibrimatosis called NF1 which was passed in through a sperm donor that made her

Andrea has inherited the rare condition NF1 from his father, who is the anonymous sperm donor. Without even realizing it, he has given her and eight other donor children a disease that can mean they get lumps on the body and face, deformed bones and impaired vision.

For Lone Søgaard-Kristensen, it was inconceivable that the sperm donor, who would be the biological father of her child, give a hereditary disease to be spread further.
“To be honest, I was completely sure that this was a purchased security,” she explains.

It became clear to her that she, had placed herself in a state of liability since she got a letter from the fertility clinic that she and her wife had used, sperm donated by a client diagnosed with the dangerous and hereditary disease neurofibrimatosis called NF1.

In the letter they were asked to go to their GP with Andrea, and it appeared that she had inherited the disease.
“I was deeply shocked and deeply worried and sad, and I was also a little angry. For starters, it was also a sense of who is to blame for this? But it is not their fault. It's a matter of getting informed that this is therefore a real possibility when you use a sperm donor, "said Lone Søgaard-Kristensen.

“It is good with fewer children per donor. Altogether, nine children inheriting the potentially dangerous disease after the same sperm donor is not a great thing. For Lone Søgaard-Kristensen, a good idea for a future donor is not to provide sperm for as many pregnancies as today.

Today, a donor can provide semen for 25 pregnancies in Denmark, which is far more than in other European countries. Therefore, the Danish should put a limit and bring that number   and according to the Danish Health Protection Agency it likely that the number should be around 15

“There will simply not to have this many clusters of sick children, it is not reasonable. And if you ask parents or people who want to be, if they want more reassurance that their children are healthy, I really also, most would say yes,” she said.
By Scancomark.se Team

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