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How the hunt for jobs make jobseekers ending in homelessness in Sweden. How Europe  failed at the wake of China
Sunday, 06 March 2011
More EU citizens are living in misery on the streets of Stockholm. They have used the freedom of movement within the Union to seek jobs. When that fails, there is no safety net for them. This show how Europe failed as China became the world leader in providing its own people a better quality of life.

On the streets of the Swedish capital, Stockholm and even in Gothenburg corner areas that provide warmth, it is traditional these days to see people clustering around seeking were to get some scraps to eat or warmth as the Swedish cold bites deeper. These are immigrants who have come from all over the EU, benefiting from the free movement and free residency, to come here in Sweden to seek jobs.

Specifically, they come from Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Baltic States and more recently from Spain, France and Italy. As Sweden trumpets its economic miracles, people come here from their own failing states to seek work and enjoy “the Scandinavian dream” – a better quality of life. This was the promise of the European integration, that a citizen has the right to live where they like but as long as they succeed in getting a job, they are welcome to live in the country.

Many who came got some jobs but soon the jobs were gone and without a job, they cannot pay the current extremely high rents in Swedish leading cities as such they loose their housing. The fact that they lack the guarantee of social benefits here they fall outside the city limits and no District Council will pay the bill for a sheltered location for them.

At this moment voluntary organizations are seeking solutions for food and sleeping places for them. Some of these organisations working in the Stockholm areas are the City Mission (Stadsmissionens) which operates a night caf�  as well as  Clara Church (Klara kyrka). People have the opportunity to sleep on the floor and in some cases in overcrowded apartments.

Many sleep outside in places like subway system, night buses, train stations, airports, 24 hour fast-food chains and such types of places. Because no official data in available, it is estimated that these people cluster around in groups of a couple of hundred like penguins in the Antarctic.

Social welfare officials in Stockholm, according to reports, say that they are finding it hard to used tax money on these immigrants as they were not budgeted for it. Tax money has to be used to provide for the welfare of resident and that Europeans are not really their responsibility.

However, the municipality is investing at the moment in conjunction with non profit organisations such as City Mission, the EU Social Fund and the Swedish Employment Service in a project to start next week.

In it, a temporary premise will be provided in S�dermalm and will offer meals, emergency medical care and Swedish language lessens as well as information on the Swedish labour market but also the opportunity for them to return to their homelands.
Dues to the rough living conditions and exposure to the biting Swedish cold, as well as the lack of proper nutrition, many of this group of immigrants can contract illnesses such as TB which can spread and becomes an environmental problem. This is why there in increasing calls for the availability of some form of healthcare to provide checks and care for these people.

By rule, EU citizens who want to remain in Sweden have three months, formally speaking, and have to have a job or be actively seeking employment or have the means to support themselves.

But many in the group have temporary jobs which is not enough for them to survive economically according to officials at the City Mission. Many want to go back home but end up in situations where they do not have the means to pay for their trip back home.

They are referred to Swedish social services which later refer to their embassies, which usually refuse to assist them for obvious reasons. They are thus stuck here and are totally focused on survival. Finding a job is pushed more and more to the background.

This is an absolutely appalling situation unfolding in Stockholm and all the signs of a European failure is seen in the group of people hanging around in desperation seeking means to build a life. Their governments have failed them, they attempt to take matter  in their hand and seek opportunities elsewhere – in a Sweden which has a “tiger economy” but again here, its own people, despite the ‘tigerness’ of its economy, at least  7 percent are languishing in unemployment. It is hard to see how the Swedish government can deal with this.
Sweden needs skill but these are top rates skills in areas we present below

The areas with biggest labour shortage in 2011 in Sweden Areas were there is too supply of labour in 2011
Engineers, building and construction Sailors
Building Structural Plasters Childcare
Doctors Care assistants
HVAC Engineers Kitchen and restaurant helpers
Civil engineering technicians Receptionists
Electrical power Engineers, Vendors, food stores
Surgical Nurses Warehouse worker
Nurses, mental health care Seller, groceries
primary school teachers Biologists
Construction worker Photographers
Engineer Officer Ships Concierge
Plumbers Administrator / Secretary
Truck Mechanic Cleaner / cleaners
Secondary school teachers of vocational subjects Truck Driver
Trades people (not very specific ) Shipment manager, overnight courier
Tillers Assemblers, metal, rubber and plastic
Crane drivers Journalists
Construction Machine  
Floor Layer  
District Nurses
Source: Sweden Employment Service
Other factors that could assist yoy getting a job in sweden even if you skill is on high demand are
- things that are not nice to talk about but which are very important are  race (skin clour and origin) and religion. Note that the Swedish governement is working hard to make Sweden the most culturally integrated country in the work and recently Sweden  was classed the most integrated country in the world.
But at the moment racism still persist in the Swedish job market  and it infulence the type of job that one can get. Do not rely on our word only because people move around with their own luck.

Since there is nothing one can do about race, if you are black, Sweden is likely not you place for except you change your mentality.
Sweden love strong outgoing and good sociable leaders. Conservatives and tight wit people with rubbish leadership skills and weak in taking initiatives and black – sorry look elsewhere maybe in the UK.

If you are Muslim and want to work in Sweden, keep your religion and your dressing culture at your country of origin. Coming here you have to be non religious or a christian or be able to pritice your moslim religion in private. You have to be on the whole open minded and be ready to do as they do in Sweden.
By Scancomark.se Team

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