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How the Danish far right wants to ‘cleanse Denmark’ off third world immigrants

Wednesday, 10 August 2011
Danish right wing politics has now been fully infiltrated by an extremist, hostile anti immigration networks, according to the Danish newspaper Politiken.

A network which is made up of about 100 members, who call themselves "ORG" have carried out hidden threads on the Danish People's Party, the Danish Society and carried out racist acts and supported violent groups.

The network aims to "purify" Denmark off immigrants and deal with "traitors" who have made immigration possible or supported it publicly, according to Politiken.

Several of those who allegedly helped to start the ORG have held key roles in the Danish People's Party. They had positions in the party while they allegedly helped to burn an effigy depicted a dark-skinned person. In addition, they have participated at parties that went around burning crosses.
The bottom lines now are that members of the network have expressed a desire to use violence against immigrants.


When the paper Politiken approached the organisation ORG, its leader Jesper Nielsen, did not want to be interviewed.
The "Society ORG has not wanted to continue with the current discussion, since we assume that the association's non-public character will be misinterpreted and used to ascribe the motives to the association’s closeness to the public," writes ORGs in a message to Politiken.

Danish People's Party's party secretary, Poul Lindholm Jensen, says he has never heard of ORG. But he confirms that persons, who have been identified as members of the network, have previously had positions in the party.

The organisation is reported to have been able to keep its network and operations secret for over 20 years.
During this time they should have been communicated in a closed nature in internet forums, and have created a comprehensive "traitor Archive," which they called "The Great Memory."

The material should, according to Politiken, show that the group has at least until 2009 supervised its political opponents, and often shared information with the Danish Society, as an immigrant critical association.

In 2009, the network manager in Copenhagen was sentenced to suspended prison sentence for having abused his position as assistant police to obtain information about political opponents. The man is reported to have done 8,000 postings in the police criminal record of a period of 400 days to get information about opponents.

When police raided his apartment, they found an anti Islam sticker in his home. The policeman was convicted for abusing police records. At the same time the police intelligent services took over the investigation of man's relation to the ORG.
By Scancomark.se Team

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