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How Sweden invested wastefully in additional prisons that were not required

Monday, 30 January 2012
An example of how politicians fail to get occurred in Sweden what it was decided to build more prison when Sweden is actually a very low crimes country.

 Billions where spent on new prisons which have now remain unfilled and the money gone down the drain according to reports and analysis from the Swedish Probation Service which also presented its new forecasts.

A few years ago, it was determined that there will be increased criminality in the country and a sharp increase in the number of prisoners. Now, those who made that forecast decision have been seen to be wrong all round as there has been very few criminal in the country.

According to the director of the Swedish probation Nils Oberg there has been increased criminal home construction which cost billion. It was built very new and it has become expensive. This means that “we have drawn on us expenses that we do not have receipts for, and our forecasts point to a budget deficit for many years to come,” says Nils Oberg.

The major investment in new prisons came after the high-profile escapes and rescue works in 2004. Heavily investment in security bunkers, stricter monitoring and electric fences were carried out in the new project.

The focus has really been an end escapes. But last year, it held not a single inmate. But the cost has been enormous.
 Sweden's most modern prison building was constructed in identical sets of three parts in the country: Kumla, Hall in Södertälje and Saltvik in Harnosand.
By Scancomark.se Team

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