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Hot atmosphere in Finnish final election debate before vote casting on Sunday

Friday, 15 April 2011
Traditional election issues such as taxes and welfare were the dominant theme on the final debate in the Finnish television held last night in the battle for voters for the parliamentary elections on Sunday.

It is tight between the parties at the top, even though the somewhat extreme rightwing, True Finns Party has some brakes in its meteoric rise according to the latest opinion poll which came in yesterday.

The atmosphere was sometimes hot among the eight party leaders. If the date of the election campaign has been concentrated on the European issue and aid to the ailing euro countries, it was what crowned Thursday night's debate, rather than matters of health care, pensions, labour market and income gaps that were also highlighted but not as fiercely debated as previously thought.

It was clear that opposition Social Democrats' party leader Jutta Urpilainen was the lead in hitting hard the mostly among the debating parties. For example, she criticizes the Coalition for not prioritising enough on past promises.

“If you used only one-tenth of what you have given to tax cuts to improve the care of the elderly, things would look completely different today, "said Social Democrat leader,  Jutta Urpilainen.

In addition to welfare, questions where asked on the reasons why the True Finns (far right) have grown so strong since the last election. Questions where also asked about candidates from other parties that had questionable financing of their campaigns, something that led to increased political contempt.

Centre Party leader Mari Kiviniemi tried to run over the inadequacies of the True Finns, and it lit the party's leader Timo Soini to light.
“Your politicians are accused of crimes and have been interrogated by the police and you talk about what you read in the papers about us. It is a completely incomprehensible comparison,” Timo Soini beamed

One of the True Finns cardiac issues, immigration policy, had come in to the end and focus on the changes made in recent years. For example, family reunification made more difficult, but also the fear of Islam which the far right party narrated.

One of the True Finns candidates are openly xenophobic and has carried out very Islam-critical statements. Timo Soini pointed out that it is the candidate's own views and not the party's, but he still praised his actions.
“He made us a great service by breaking the taboo and force changes in immigration policy, said Soini.
By Scancomark.se Team

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