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Higher gang violence and criminality in Sweden than could have been imagined

Sunday, 15 May 2011
Just last week we published data from Statistic Sweden’s  study which showed that more people especially women where afraid of going out at night for fear be being harassed. It turns out that that was not all about the story safety and insecurity in Sweden. The perception that Swedish is a safe haven as portrayed in the international arena is not true.

According to report from the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (BR�), there has been an expansion of deadly violence within various criminal gangs in Sweden since the 1990s.  Since the report focus on gangs, others such as isolated shootings, rapes and other forms of abuses have been left out.

Between 2002 and 2008, 71 people were killed as a result of the criminal conflicts. During the years 1990 to 1996, the figure was much lower. Beside this includes bomb explosions in public places such as restaurants run by gang members or restaurant owners who refuse to co-operate with criminal gang who want to use their premises to run their operations in.    


Many of the settlements of these criminal gangs are also with firearms in public places. The increase in numbers of illegal firearms possession is also recognized by the Swedish National Criminal Police.

“Gang environment, deadly violence and attempts with lethal violence have increased quite markedly in a number of years, "said Claes Friberg, head of the Swedish national Police to radio Sweden.

The deadly violence between criminals has increased since the nineties and assassinations have also shot up. In recent weeks, several actions carried out be criminal groups occurred.
Last Wednesday a person was shot to death outside an open-air bath in Malmo and yet no one has been arrested.

A police investigator said at a press conference the following day in Malm� that such killings are hard to crack because many in the circle of the victim are not willing to talk.
“The availability of weapons has increased in the gang environment. The threshold for the use of force and deadly force has reduced significantly,” he said.
 He also adds that on the whole, within the gang environment people are prepared to shoot opponents as a way of punishing them or to highlight their powers.

The report from the Swedish Crime prevention council (Br�) also shows that deadly violence in general has declined since the nineties and especially crimes against children has fallen more.
The Swedish Crime prevention council (Br�) believes that it may be due to better help given to the mentally ill and depressed parents that has led to the improvement.
By Scancomark.se Team

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