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High level of anti Semitism in Sweden becomes as Concerns

Thursday, 26 April 2012
Cooperation between Sweden and the rest of the world must be better to reduce anti-Semitism. This is according to President Obama's envoy on anti-Semitism, Hannah Rosenthal, who this week visited Sweden to talk to interested parties about the problem here in Sweden.

Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag met Rosenthal and he too is concerned about the growing hatred of Jews in the country.

“When a rabbi is worried about joining his family in the synagogue, it's very frightening,” said Hannah Rosenthal.

She argues that racism in Sweden and Europe is increasing. During the week she has met representatives from the Jewish, Roma and Muslim associations in Malmo and also the Mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu. They spoke of the need to express themselves in ways that can not incite anti-Semitism and how important it is to begin to work against racism in schools, reports radio Sweden said.

Today she met the Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag (People’s party) who pointed that he too is concerned about anti-Semitism in Sweden and emphasizes the importance of this kind of visit.

Sweden is already on the map as a country which despite all the denials in Sweden and all the rhetoric, alienation is beginning to be noticed by those to hate associating with racist. 

But Erik Ullenhag says that the situation is sometimes exaggerated. Some people have said that they expected him to say that given that he does not live in areas where such racist tendencies are carried out and that he does not personally feel it. 

It is the first time that Hannah Rosenthal, who is Barack Obama's special envoy on these issues, is in Sweden after worries that the Jews fear for their safety when the Mayor, Ilmar Reepalu rote negatively about the Jews, which made them feel that their security was not guaranteed.
By scancomark.se

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