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High level Racism rife in Finland, Authorities woke up and became surprise by the result

Sunday, 13 November 2011
Either out of touch officials or high level hypocritical Finnish politicians reacted on Sunday to report of a study which show that two thirds of Finns believe that there are very or quite a lot of racism in Finnish society.

The poll which was done by TNS Gallup for the Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, had shown that in the survey, among those who supported the far right party, True Finns, more than a quarter agreed that they discriminated against non whites.

About half of those who indicated that they supported the True Finns, they agreed with the statement that there are some races that do not fit in modern Finnish societies. Overall, 29 percent of respondents agreed with that view.

One in three Finns completely or partially agreed that Islam is a threat to Western values and democracy. Among the True Finns, the figure is 58 percent. One-fifth agreed with the claim that some races are more intelligent than others.

Among the True Finns, more than one third thinks that that was the reality. Supports for racist statements in the survey were generally highest among the True Finns supporters and least among those who support the Greens and the Left Alliance political parties.

Finland's highest state leaders reacted with indignation at the result of a poll which showed that racist thinking is widespread in Finland. As if it was something new, President Tarja Halonen said in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat that she is "somewhat surprised" by the result. Yeah? Surprise that Finland is racist?

She called on party leaders, officials and ordinary citizens to deal with the matter in a sensible way and as an urgent issue. According to her, it is crucial now that since racism is bubbling to the surface, it must be acted up quickly.

The survey also asked questions about the minority groups, respondents felt more or less comfortable with. Most negative was settlings to the Roma, Somalis and Muslims. 37 percent replied that they have a negative or very negative attitude towards the Roma. The minorities that respondents liked best were the Lapps, Swedes, Britons, Estonians and Chinese.

The survey interviewed 1,001 people among the Finnish population aged 15-79 years, with the exception of Åland.

Halonen is concerned about the general use of language which, according to her has become harder and rougher. This has led to acceptance of a "hate language" which would formerly have been regarded as inappropriate.

Prime Minister Katainen is upset on the racism investigation. He asks “what the hell are we Finns afraid of?”

The racism and Islamophobia that emerge in the survey do not represent the "Finnish society", according to Katainen. He points out that in the world there are so many different religions  and people should learn to accept them – lecture!

As the study showed that the racist ways of thinking is especially prevalent among the True Finns supporters, Party chairman, Timo Soini rejected the opinion poll as biased and not newsworthy.
By Scancomark.se Team


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