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High demand for breasts implantation and plastic surgery among Danish women

Wednesday, 30 May 2012
More Danish women are putting themselves under the knife to fulfil their dream of bigger breasts. The number of breast enlargement operations in 10 years increased by over 2000 percent from the 60 operations performed by private specialists in 2001 to 1349 in 2010 figures from the National Patient Register and the National Health Register, show according to various Danish media reports.

The trend has continued in recent years, explains Bo Jønsson, director of Aleris-Hamlet Hospital restyled centre for cosmetic treatments.
“There is a steady rise all the time, more than it has been for many years. Right now we are about to becoming the leading people who want implants, and that be possible already this summer,” says a specialist in plastic surgery Bo Jønsson from Aleris-Hamlet Hospital.

The trend which is linked to cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in general has become more acceptable among the general population, explains Søren Østergaard, director of the Center for Youth Studies and Religious Education.
“It is all about, that we live in a time when plastic surgery becomes more and more mainstream, and therefore it is not a taboo as it was 10 years ago,” says Søren Østergaard.

He previously helped to support studies showing that approximately one third of the many high school students are positive about undergoing a plastic surgery.
Young people's perception of the body is the main determinant of how the process develops, he explains.
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