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Harder to buy a gun now in Finland as tougher gun laws descend on the country

Monday, 13 June 2011
Finland had promised changes in its gun law and this became a reality on Monday that is today.
The new rules make its harder that before to own a handgun and raise the minimum age for gun ownership in the country on the whole.

Applicants for gun permits are also now required to go through tests to determine their suitability to possess firearms.

Applicants for a licence to own a weapon will now face an aptitude test that takes into account a person's tendency to violence and reaction to stress, among other factors.

Age limits have also changed. The general age limit is now 18 years, and handguns will be unavailable to those under 20. 15 year-olds can still get a provisional licence, with which they can use their parents' hunting weapons.

In addition to the higher age minimum age for handgun ownership, a permit applicant is now required to have documentation signed by a police-approved firearms instructor showing that he or she has had at least two years of active training with a weapon.

The new laws were passed by Parliament last autumn.
By Scancomark.se Team

Key Finnish Facts
Official Name Republic of Finland
President Tarja Halonen
Prime minister
Population 5.3 Million
Capital City Helsinki
Monetary Unit Euro (€)
  €1 = 100 cent
Domain Name .fi
Int. Dialling Code +358
Official Language Finish - 92%
Swedish - 6%
Religion Christianity
Main stock market Name NASDQ OMX Helsinki 25
Internet Speed 4.5 Mbps (2009)
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