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Half of Oslo to have immigrant backgrounds in 2040 – new data reveal

Wednesday, 14 March 2012
Almost half of the population in Norway in 30 years will be made up of people with an immigrant background. Of those seven out of ten would have come from countries outside the EEA a latest report from statistic Norway show.

according to Statistics Norway, (SSB) this is the first time  a regional immigration  projection has been published in Norway and given its damning result ones should wait and observe dhow the result will resonate within the population.

Particularly in the areas around the major cities, there is projected very rapid growth in the coming year years.

The calculation shows three options: Split option, as Statistics Norway considers to be most realistic, and the low alternative, and the high alternative, both of which are based on assumptions SSB considers as less realistic.

Both immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents are included in the projections.
For the capital, Oslo, it shows that the various alternatives reveal the proportion of immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents to increase from 28 percent today to 47 percent of the population in 30 years.

According to the high alternative, the proportion in 30 years will constitute 56 per cent, while the low alternative shows 40 percent.

For Oslo that involves the option will more than doubled from 170,000 today to 380,000 people in 30 years.

For the whole country is increasing population of immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents from 12 percent today to 24 percent in 2040. In absolute numbers, corresponds to an increase that wills more than double from 600,000 to just over 1.5 million.
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