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Growing support for death penalty in Finland

Monday, 24 October 2011
It is not only in the UK where the call for re-institution of death sentence is being made loud and clear. In Finland too, there are increased calls such punishment and the calls are gaining political support.

According to news reports, at least seven MPs in the Finnish parliament would approve of a death sentence in cases of exceptionally cruel homicides, report various Finnish news newspapers and the national broadcaster Yle.

According to the survey carried out my the various news bodies in the country,  three MPs from the National Coalition Party and four from the TrueFinns Party would be in favour of such punishment.

The MPs argued that a death penalty would be an option to consider in cases of crimes against humanity or particularly serious crimes targeting children.
Sanoma group’s provincial papers which carried out the survey report that at least 40 MPs would want stricter punishment for murderers, because many are of the opinion that those serving a life sentence get released from jail too easily.

At the moment, convicts serving a life sentence can be released on parole after 10-12 years in jail or through presidential pardon.
Most supporters of stricter punishments were found among the populist TrueFinns Party MPs and those of the conservative National Coalition Party, according to news reports. They report that the MPs most satisfied with the current legislation came from the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Left Alliance.
200 MPs were polled and of them 78 responded.
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