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Google maps now showing real time traffic situation in Sweden

Wednesday, 04 May 2011
Google Maps is now showing real-time traffic flows on Swedish roads making it easier to plan car trips in Sweden.
Google map service has begun to show how traffic is flowing on some of the major roads in Sweden.  Different colours show average speed of vehicles operating on a given stretch of road.
Red-black marker shows that traffic comes to complete standstill. Red indicates a queue while the yellow colour indicates slow traffic. The green road shows free traffic flows.


ThAccording to Google maps blog, the traffic mode is updated with a one minute interval.
The map service also displays statistical information for those wishing to plan their journey in advance. Then one can check for example how the traffic tends to flow on the approaches to say Gothenburg on early Monday morning.

The roads that are best covered by the bulletin are the E4 motor way from Uppsala to Helsingborg, E6 motor way from Malm� to Tanum and E18 from Norrt�lje to �rebro.

To enable this feature in Google Maps, click on the tab "Traffic" in upper right corner of the browser.
The new traffic system also works on the "Google maps for mobile".
By Scancomark.se Team

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