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Four colleagues of Villard investigated for possible tax evasion

Friday, 20 May 2011
Four workers at the law firm Vinge, where renegade former AMF chairman Bertil Villard is a partner, are being investigated by the Swedish Tax authority for the same type of tax planning that brought down Villard.

According to radio Sweden, one of the lawyers should have transferred Skr23 million to Peru, similar to what Villard did because the tax rate is four percent.

Vinge has had several assignments for the government, but a spokesperson for Office says that the tax issues with the lawyers are private matter as such they have no comment.

Mr Villard was accused of tax evasion when he transfered millions to eru so as to escape the high taxes in Sweden. The bad thing is that he is the Chairman of the biggest pension company in Sweden and seem to have been an ethical man. Mr Willard was fired from his post.
By Scancomark.se Team


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