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Foreign tourism to Sweden not as strong as previously thought

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
The Swedish tourism industry had believed in 2009 that tourism in Sweden would have doubled in turnover terms to Skr500 billion by 2020. It turned out that the figure had been an unachievable dream because tourist is not flocking to Sweden and the Swedish authorities thought.

For example, this year's analysis by the Swedish travel and tourism industry (RTS) show that tourism to Sweden fell to Skr451 billion, according to Swedish daily, Dagens Industri.

“It is the foreign tourists that have not increased at the pace we thought before. But the Swedish tourism continues to increase,” says Jan Lundin, CEO of RTS, tothe newspaper.

Tourism in Sweden at the moment is reported to generateSkr254 billion. In last year's trend analysis, the industry was tipped to have a growth rate then 6.4 percent per year, so that  by 2020 it would have reached turnover of Skr515 billion. Unfortunately, the growth rate has been considerably lower than expected, 3 percent last year.

There is no crisis; it is not a question of - the industry's sales that have never been greater.
Now it is required that the growth rate increases to 7 percent each year for the tourism industry to achieve its vision of doubling turnover. The Krona strength means that sales should grow by Skr25 billion per year by 2020, writes the paper.

To achieve this, it requires resolute action and to act together with such industries such as Culture and Sport Sweden, writes Jan Lundin, president of Travel and Tourist Industry in Sweden (RTS) in a statement.
By Scancomark.se Team

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