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Foreign students should be given three years after their master's degree to look for work in Denmark

Monday, 24 October 2011
Denmark need skill labour and the past Danish government killed the spirit of foreign skills to remain in the country with a very strong and tight immigration rules. Now the new government led by the Social Democrats are looking for ways of relaxing that so as to retain skills in the country.

On the whole, the calls is being made that when a student from abroad gets his Danish graduate degree, he or she should be allowed to remain longer in the country so as to understand the system and be able to get a job, according to Danish education minister, Morten Østergaard. The aim is to retain the key talent that Denmark needs to revamp its competitiveness, especially as more Danish companies are going abroad to recruits foreign workers.

As the rules stands now, students have six months after graduation to find a job in Denmark, but the Minister feel that this is too hard for them to be able to get a job if they want to work in Denmark. As such he wants to change the system so that foreign students automatically get a green card for three years after graduation, writes Danish daily, Berlingske.

“For candidates with a foreign background, they have few skills in understanding the system than the Danish candidates. They have no cultural and extensive knowledge of the country,” says labour analyst at the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Ole Steen Olsen.

It is vital that young people who want to work in the country are given the chance too, according to Education Manager of Danish Industries, Charlotte Rønhof, who also believes that it is important to keep the young skills, even if they do not find their dream job right away. They have skills that could be transferrable directly or indirectly, now or in the long run.

Education Minister, Morten Østergaard will now give the young foreigners a decent chance of finding a job.
“It is natural that when we are good at attracting foreign students and they are happy with their education, so we should give them a chance to find a job at a Danish companies, rather than having to recruit their foreign employee abroad,” he says.
By Scancomark.se Team

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