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Finnish right wing party True Finns hold fast Against Portuguese Bailout

Sunday, 08 May 2011
The Finnish far right party, the True Finns have re-affirmed their opposition to supporting a rescue package for Portugal Saturday.

Assembled at the party’s first council meeting since its election sweep, the True Finns made it clear that they intended to vote down the bailout package during next week’s Parliamentary decision-making session, reports the Finnish national broadcaster Yle.

At the same time, the True Finns are still eyeing a seat in the next government. According to Chairman Timo Soini, Parliament’s Grand Committee will be presented with the rationale behind the True Finns’ adverse stance on the Portugal question.

This comes after a survey last showed that almost 45 percent of Finns support Finland’s support to the Portuguese government.


But this has not affected the True Finns which is still resolute to maintain its negative stance on the EU’s permanent stabilisation mechanism. However, the party leadership promised to lay out the party’s position in a moderate fashion.

In a twist of events, a video has emerge and spreading on the internet which intends to educate the Finns more about Portugal.

The video presents footage from the history of Portugal and the Portuguese community. The video shows that 60 percent of the Portuguese mobile phones usage is the brand Nokia and that Portugal is the only European country which has never won the Eurovision Song Contest.
The Portuguese also point that in the 1940s Portugal became involved in a unique and comprehensive donation campaign to support the war-torn Finland.

The video aims to educate the Finns that by rejecting their bailout could also get a backlash from the Portuguese who might boycott the purchase of Nokia products. It would also mean that the Portuguese may even hold the Finns at a more deeper resentment level especially  when they’ll recall that the Finns during their time of distress, Portugal gave them assistance  but then the Portuguese need help the Finns are turning the back.

But does this matter to the True Finns who now have the power to block any bill in the parliament?  As Soini complimented his party council on its exemplary management of party finances, he snarled at Portugal and said “Portugal has debt, not the True Finns,” he quipped.

However the True Finns will still have to deal with the question of how to ensure they become a government partner, although those discussions have now taken a back seat to resolving the Finnish stance on Portugal’s rescue package.
By Scancomark.se Team

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