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Finnish nuclear reactors are safe declares STUK after a study

Monday, 16 May 2011
After the accident in Fukushima, Japan the Finnish Employment and the Economy Ministry in Finland asked STUK to study how the Finnish nuclear power stations could cope with extreme weather events and natural disasters.  The study shows that Finnish nuclear power plants are safe.

Due to the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, Japan, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM) requested from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) an investigation into how Finnish nuclear power plants are prepared for the effects of floods and other extreme natural phenomena on the functionality of plants and how plants have ensured the availability of electricity during various fault and malfunction situations.


The natural phenomena which caused the Fukushima accident, a very powerful earthquake and extremely high tsunami, are not considered possible in Finland. Nevertheless, the accident revealed factors which must also be taken into account here.

STUK states that although there is no need for immediate safety improvements, there is reason for power companies to continue investigations into preparation for certain exceptional natural conditions. Investigations and plans for safety improvements can be compiled in connection with and on the same schedule as stress tests carried out at the request of the EU Council of Ministers during this year.

Companies shall carry out additional investigations into the effects of e.g. an extremely unlikely, possibly even physically impossibly high flood in Loviisa. At the same time, companies will investigate how some of the plants' systems would function during earthquakes which would be more intense than any earthquake considered possible in Finland until now.

Such sub-zero and high temperatures so unlikely that they have not previously been taken into consideration will now be included. Companies will also investigate the functionality of power plants' systems which ensure the electricity supply needed during accident situations.

STUK will take into account the experience gained from the Fukushima accident and the results of the investigations when developing nuclear safety rules. The experience will also be taken into consideration when emphasising projects in the Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety SAFIR2014. As yet there has been no need for drastic changes.

In its statement, STUK states that it has been possible to efficiently improve the safety of Finnish nuclear power plants during their use and that power companies have long-term programs for the management of ageing plants, ensuring the planned service life, modernising the plants and improving safety.
By Scancomark.se Team

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