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Finnish Government requested to seek costing strategy for Euro exit

Tuesday, 29 November 2011
The rightwing party, True Finns is asking the Finnish government to put a price on exiting the euro. This follows continues pressures and talks in Finland of withdrawal from the euro single currency.

The True Finn’s party parliamentary group has also demanded that Finland stops supporting heavily indebted eurozone countries in an interpellation question on the matter.

In addition to demanding an investigation into how much a Finnish exit from the common European currency would cost, party chair Timo Soini is also asking that the government explains its line before next month’s crucial summit on the issue.

Such discussions are usually held in parliament’s Grand Committee, which approves the Prime Minister’s line before such summits.
”The Grand Committee is subject to professional discretion, and with an interpellation debate we want to open the EU discussion to the whole country before the summit,” said Soini. ”It would be strange if the government did not say before the summit what Finland is committing to.”
Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen’s first impression is that there will not be time to hold the interpellation debate before the summit is held on 9 December. The other opposition party, the Centre, did not join the interpellation call.
News source Yle, Finland


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