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Finland to close down refugee reception centres in a bid to cut cost

Wednesday, 09 November 2011
A number refugee reception centres will be closed next year as a cost-savings measure. The precise number and locations of the centres to be closed are expected to be announced by early next month.
The Immigration Service will have to shut entire reception centres and also cut back on capacity for around 400 asylum-seekers at the centres that will remain open, according to the director for the Immigration Service’s reception facilities, Jorma Kuuluvainen.

At this point, Kuuluvainen is unwilling to reveal the total budget savings target. Immigration Service representatives will be visiting all 22 of the country's refugee reception centres before releasing more details about where cuts will be made.
According to information received by YLE's Kainuu regional unit, the budget for reception centres is to be reduced by around 23 million euros next year. Budgeted funds for this year were 86 million. Even more cuts are expected later, aimed at around 40 million in savings by 2016.
News source Yle Finland


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