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How growing racism makes Finland known as a racist country and an almost no-go-country of some races

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Finland's reputation abroad is being strained as a result of growing racism acknowledged the Finish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat.

According to a survey that the paper carried, with its readers based abroad, an image of Finland has developed - an image which shows Finland as an intolerant and even racist country.

In a number of responses the paper was told how in the world has taken note of support the True Finns has gained in the country and the various statements that many perceived as hostile to foreigners.

In the questionnaire were people were not actually asked specifically about intolerance, but in which the topic came up when the newspaper asked the question on how to make the image of Finland better, the vast majority of the participants feels that Finland has a good reputation abroad.
In total, the questionnaire was answered by over 1100 Finns in 78 countries.

Some reactions of Finns who gave their opinions are summarised thus

Jouni Hyrkäs, Norway
"Finnish should be more known in Norway. The knowledge of Finland is very weak here. Finland is known mainly in the areas of basic design…"
Wind Beach, The Netherlands
"Finland's foreigners have been surprisingly received a lot of attention. This gives the impression, and introverted nature and not good for Finland's image in the world, where international cooperation is the norm in almost all areas of performance
Jenny Power, Belgium
"Finland is has a very good image in the world, so I do not see any improvement."
Eva Holm, Reunion, a French overseas department
"In addition to the basic values of Finnish, which I think have integrity, stamina and tolerance, should bring the joy of life and relaxing in Finnish society."
Jansen sine-Matilainen, The Netherlands
"Finland is considered here in the Netherlands, still as a Soviet bloc country."
By Scancomark.se Team

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