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Fewer Swedish people own legal weapons
Friday, 11 February 2011
Well. the amount of people arming themselves with guns and similar ammunitions in sweden has dropped in the year to year assessment. By January 2011, 615 000 Weapons holders and 1.981 million valid licenses for weapons and weapons parts had been shown to be registered in Sweden.

This compares with a year ago which figures obtained then showed that there were 622 000 weapon holders and 1.991 million licenses for weapons and parts.

According to the sector of the police that deals with weapon registration and ownership, the decline has been going on for at least ten years.  They believe that the trend is a result increased tightening of the law  and requirements of weapon ownership that was introduced in the year 2000.
Probably the interest in hunting as reduced with today’s’ youngsters who are likely now interested in more social related development and exploring the latest electronic technology that has exploded in the past years.
However, that said, there is a large amount of illegal weapons entering the country. This is the strongest challenge to the police. It is estimated that up to 100,000 illegal weapons are lurking the dark alleys of the Swedish urban and strategic regions of the country.

The Swedish National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, criminals have virtually unlimited access to illegal weapons. Much of those already confiscated show the handiwork of being illegally smuggled from the Balkan countries and other eastern European countries. The Balkan is important in that there has been war there for a while and after the calm most of the weapons fell into wrong hands. Same with the Eastern European countries, - after the fall of their police states and the growth of corruption, many of those weapons fell into wrong hands that are later  sold in the black market.

The Swedish government is planning to implement a weapons amnesty for illegal weapons during their term. Last time it happened, in 2007, anonymously 14000 weapons and weapon parts were where left by the public without fear of legal sanction. Most were shotguns, pistols and revolvers as well as military weapons.
Also the first weapons amnesty in 1993 resulted in over 17,000  gun and weapons being decommissioned.
By Scancomark.se Team

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