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Fears of growing right-wing extremist groups in Norway after the Utoya massacre

Thursday, 08 September 2011
Despite the strong public display in Norway after the massacre of many people in Norway by far right extremists, more people are turning to far rights extremist environments than would have been expected.

Reports from the Norwegian leading news paper, Aftonposten show that many believe that the terrorist attacks in Norway would have led to many Norwegians to shun extremist groups. Instead, it had turned out that more and more people in Norway have begun to look to the right extreme environments after 22 July, incident.

The vast majority of Norwegians sharply reacted to the terrorist attacks that shook Norway last summer, and most were convinced it would have a deterrent effect on recruitment within the extremist movement organisations. But according to several experts and spokespersons for the anti-racist groups, there are signs that the groups instead have instead started to grow.

“We have registered an increase in activity and this gives a cause for concern,” says Kari Helene Partapuoli of Anti Racist centre to Aftenposten.

According to Kari Helene Partapuoli, there has been among others racist on Facebook groups with increased membership and activity in various discussion forums, for example, the right-wing groups, Norwegian Defence League now have 1,301 followers.

“We have also seen earlier that neo Nazis have started to move again,” she says.
Although it is a relatively small number of people and that the development does not deviate from past patterns, she warns that the groups can still be a threat.

“That is how the right-extremist groups in Norway have always been. They have generally lacked leaders who have managed to appeal to the great masses. But even if the groups have been small and few, they have shown that they can be dangerous. Therefore, we believe it is important that they be closely monitored. And we believed that the government has done so,” says Partapuoli, who is about to employ a person who shall have the task to monitor environments.

Whether the terrorist attack which was carried out by Anders Breivik Behring is the reason for the increased interest is not clear.

 �yvind strommen, a journalist who has studied extreme environments for many years feel that “it may be that some of the increase can be explained by the fact that there are opponents who have registered to monitor developments and to disseminate a planned meeting. It is not easy to know how many people are actually supporters,” he told the newspaper. It may also be that the groups have attracted people who were not aware of them before the terrorist attack.


The Norwegian security police PST argue that it is too early to draw any conclusions about what is happening in the right extreme environments. They also claim that the PST still sees a loss of interest in recruitment, and there are no plans to step up surveillance at present.

This is a point that is criticized by Kari Helene Partapuoli who feels that the police is failing to keep up to the changing scenes. It is true e that it looks quiet, but now the interest is back with increased activity, especially online, according to her. “For us, it is crazy to continue to argue that recruitment into the environments has slowed down,” she told Aftenposten.
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