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Explosions in a barracks in Denmark

Saturday, 08 October 2011
Explosions have been heard from a former civil defense barracks in Andsten close Lunderskov in Denmark, according to security company Falck. One person is reported to have died as a result of the explosion described to be very violent.

“Several explosions have taken place. They are likely caused by explosives, but we are waiting for reports from the scene,” said Soren Lindholm, officer in charge at Falck, reports various Swedish and Danish news sources.

There were no details of casualties. Fire-fighters from three fire stations should have been called to the scene. Eyewitnesses tell of a cracked wall, a roll-over car, smashed windows and blower end of the barracks.

Danish Police confirm Falck information about several small explosions from the scene, but police do not yet know what it is exploding.

According sources, the cause could be as a result of fireworks. Witnesses told sources that during the explosion there was a rocket-like thing that jumped into the air, and a lot of colours exploded in the sky.

If it is fireworks, it is not yet clear where it could have come from. The building's owner Tage Nielsen says he has leased a portion of storage space out to some Polish people, according to reports.
By Scancomark.se Team

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