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Explosion of rapes in the Stockholm area as the weather improves

Sunday, 29 May 2011
It looks like the rape season in Sweden has finally arrived as the good weather has opened the door for predators to the streets on the country’s big cities.

In Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities ever crafted by man - a nice place to be in a very modern and relaxing environment. But also here, five women are suspected to have been raped in various places in the Stockholm area Saturday night. In one of the instances, which took place in the locality of Skog�s, an offender is reported to have been arrested on Sunday morning.

Raping has been growing in Sweden in the past years and last year, during the joyful summer weather, the spate of rapes around the country was very scary. Now the same trend seen to have started again as the summer relaxation period starts.


The first rape took place on an erotic fair in Alvik. A woman alerted her husband after attending a strip show just after midnight. She said she had been sexually molested. The husband intern telephoned the police.

“It turned out that there seems to be more than sexual harassment, "said Mikael Petterson, officers at the Stockholm police command centre, to Swedish daily Dagens Nyeheter

No one had been arrested by Sunday morning on suspicion of what police termed a rape.
At five AM Swedish time, a woman was ambushed around Hantverkargatan in Kungsholmen as she walked home. Several residents in the area heard the woman screaming and the police was alerted. On Sunday morning it was still unclear whether there was an attempted rape or something else such a real rape. No one suspected of the crime was arrested.

The police was also called the night of Sunday to the locality of Skog�s where a suspected rape occurred on Duettv�gen. One person heard a woman calling for help outside and alerted the police. The woman must have been naked and the man partially undressed when the notifier arrived at the scene. The suspected perpetrator was arrested by the notifier, clung to him until the police had arrived.

Another alleged rape took place in an apartment in Bl�sut  in the locality of Johanneshov. The woman ran from the apartment and screamed. She stated that she had been raped by a man she knew, in an apartment. The woman was woken up by the man who had sex with her. No one has been arrested.

Another woman turned around about five o'clock on Sunday morning to the emergency department for raped women at the S�dersjukhuset or S�der Hospital and stated that she was raped in Huddinge during the night. The police had on Sunday morning, no further details about the rape.

According to Mikael Petterson, it is rare that so many rapes happen so frequently in the Stockholm area during a single night.
“Five in one night is a bit much. It may be the combination of paycheck weekend and the nice weather. Assault Rape tends to increase slightly in the spring, "he said.
By Scancomark.se Team

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