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Erik Paulsson, the mayor of Solna Sweden and other big wigs prosecuted for bribery

Wednesday, 08 June 2011
They have been doing it in the background in the very dark rooms with sound proofs such that no one can hear them talk. It has remained hidden for long. In Sweden we see bribery and corruption but we find it hard to follow up  and trace its source. But something happened and some of these people trying to drag Sweden’s name in the mud to associate it with banana republics were nabs.
One of those persons is billionaire Erik Paulsson who is now being prosecuted for aggravated bribery in connection with the construction of the National football Arena in Solna, near Stockholm Sweden.


Lars-Erik Salminen, Mayor of Solna, is another one accused of bibery, alternatively, complicity to aggravated bribery in connection with the construction of the new national stadium for football.

Four representatives of a company involved in the construction and the above official in Solna municipality will also be prosecuted simultaneously for gross corruption. One of the builders involved is Erik Paulson, in his capacity as chairman of Fabege. Erik Paulson is also chairman of Skistar and Wihlborg.

Also prosecuted is Sune Reinhold, former Mayor of Solna, for aggravated bribery. Sune Reinhold had received Skr 900 000 for this job for the companies behind the construction of the new football stadium. This is considered moonlighting because he failed to report the extra pay thereby violated the regulation that governs local government operations. According to a decision of the municipal council, he had the right to work for the company but without the aim of getting any particular financial benefit for the job.

Chief prosecutor Alf Johansson will slam a fine of Skr2 million to the company suspected of involvement in corruption.
"I believe that what these people have done is assessed as criminal offense, "said Alf Johansson, chief prosecutor at the Sweden’s nationwide drive against corruption.
Aggravated bribery and aggravated corruption can lead to imprisonment of up to six years.
By Scancomark.se Team

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