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Eastern European population in Denmark set new record

Saturday, 17 March 2012
While the crisis has cost thousands of Danish jobs pushing them more into the dark zone of unemployment, Danes are facing another huddle in the jobs market – increasingly fierce competition from Eastern Europeans.

Although unemployment is high in Denmark several Eastern Europeans still come here to try their luck n seeking work and a way if life according to Danish media reports.

In fact, the number of Eastern Europeans in Denmark increased by 16 percent last year. In 2011 there were 53,837 workers from the 10 new EU countries, figures from the National Labour Market Authority show. That is a new record.

“The figures are interesting,” says Professor Henning Jørgensen of Aalborg University.
“For one would have expected the opposite,” he said.

According to the professor Eastern Europeans could continue to find work in Denmark, because Danish employers use them to get cheap labour.
“It can only be explained by employers' greed. Although there is high unemployment in Denmark, they still take more and more Eastern Europeans into the Denmark because they can get them to work on lower wages and weaker terms,” says Henning Jørgensen.

The new data is special because they are more accurate than previous methods.
The figures are based on the so-called “eIndkomstregister” that looks at all workers with a wage in Denmark.

In addition, most of the Eastern Europeans who are stationed in Denmark do not appear in official figures.
By Scancomark.se Team

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