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Discrimination so strong in Europe that Night clubs are being white only

Sunday, 06 March 2011
Persistent discrimination in Europe so strong that white people would not want to see other races in the same night club as them.  It was thought that this was a Swedish tradition givene that it was so rife here but it turns out that many clubs in Europe discriminate against guests on the grounds of ethnicity.
According to a recent study by human rights organization EGAM conducted in 14 countries this attitude is the way of life and particularly in Sweden one in four nightclubs discriminate.

Traditionally if one is black or Arab –looking, then the chances are that social activities such as night clubbing should be written off their books. It would be very hard to be admitted in.

A study was conducted between nights of Saturday 5 March and Sunday, March 6 buy the organisation EGAM, a European Antiracist Grassroots Movement, in a pilot test to see if night clubs could be a place of increasing integration.  This was backed by the belief that being a social gathering and a place where no official system is required, it could be a place where all other races converge to have fun and learn from each other in a light hearted manner.

But it turned out that people were refused entre just because of their race – skin colour, looks and differentiation.

Around 60 clubs in 14 countries were tested in the survey - and the preliminary result shows that as many as 35 of these clubs institute a form of discrimination.

Sweden was one of the 14 countries surveyed. Of the four clubs that were tested in Stockholm clubbing district, it showed that discrimination was rife.

According to race relations officials in Sweden who participated in the study, the study was carried out in a way such as two people of Arab ethnicity and Swedish looking tried to go to different clubs at the same time. People with Swedish appearance in most cases were allowed while the Arab looking was refused. 50 percent of the clubs that were tested showed this attitude.

Race relations official here in Sweden said that they did not think the result would show that 50 percent of the clubs in the survey reported discrimination. They hold that it is difficult to prove discrimination, and feel that one should take seriously other reason other than race.

This type of studies just shows hoe out of touch official are. This is not the first time race related issues have emerged in Swedish night club scenes. Various night clubs in Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm have been sued and forced to pay compensation for discriminating against guests who where from other races – particularly blacks. But here we are again today in 2011, people saying they did not know that there was such a large scale discrimination in Swedish social scenes. This is purely a sign of “we don’t care provided we are fine”

Widespread discrimination can lead to people losing confidence in society and the judiciary. For Sweden, the test was very small, but it was still surprising that a club of a total of four discriminated against people, according to Swedish race relation authorities.

Sweden however can contend itself that other countries such Romania and Spain are worst in race relation that Sweden.
By Scancomark.se Team

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