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Despite skill shortages at home, record numbers of Swedes prefer to migrate to work abroad

Monday, 05 December 2011
It is not very clear why but report hold that a record number of Swedes have preferred to migrate to other countries to work even though there s the growing sill shortages at home. Could this be attributed to the fact that people with international experiences earn more in Sweden that those who have been working only there?

Record number of Swedes know known as the "The Emigrants" – are living the country in their drove for what is being described nicely here as seeking “an international career.”
They have spread out to countries such as Spain in the EU and Brazil, far away in the tropical heat and forest, just to name these two.

According to press reports, never before have so many Swedes left their glistering country to work abroad. Although official statistics are lacking in this area is the estimated based of observations, including the Employment Service and various recruitment bodies that the number leaving is huge.

Talking numbers, the amount of Swedes living abroad has increased considerably in recent years support, to the assumption. Today there are at least 546,000 Swedes permanently in other countries, according to a recent survey from the Society, Swedish in the world. That is an increase of 35 percent since 2003.


According to press reports, there are two main causes of the trend.
The demand for a particular type of expertise is high in many countries, and Swedish engineers, healthcare workers and service personnel are highly valued. As such they prefer to work I other countries that their where apparently there is limited demand for their skills.

But looking at the Swedish market, there is skills shortages here at home too, 17 percent of companies say they can not find the right people to hire. But in India and China, as many as 80 percent of larger firms say they lack skills according to recruitment company Manpower.

The Swedes are reported to have a strong tradition of working abroad, something that started when they shifted in their drove to work on the kibbutz in the 1970s. Then this trend has shifted to au pair job, work in holiday resorts and a few years ago many found jobs in global call centres overseas.
Here is where the Swedes live most
  • London: 40 000
  • New York: 17 000
  • Oslo: 12 000
  • Thailand: 17 000
  • Spanish Mediterranean coast: 50 000
Source: Estimates from the Association of Swedish-American

The drive for the so called international career is said to be in virtually all types of professions.
“Work abroad has become a very normal career path for many,” says Tove Lifvendahl, of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
She has recently released a book "From wonderland to the future of the country", where the modern emigration is discussed.
“The increasing number of Swedes working abroad is a consequence of the increased mobility. Many go out and apply for jobs on the profit and loss basis, it has become less dramatic,” she says.
By Scancomark.se Team

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