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Danish ship to be armed with guards to act as a bulwark against Somali pirates.

Thursday, 10 March 2011
After waiting for three weeks, a Danish shipping company now looks forward to getting a quick permission to protect a ship flying the Danish flag with armed guards according to Danish Justice Minister Lars Barfoed

“They can expect a quick approval. We are aware that they need a quick decision and the matter has becomes urgent treatment now. But it was not until Wednesday that we were aware that the company needed a quick decision, "says Lars Barfoed.

According reports, the Danish information ministry had for the past three weeks been on pressure with an application from the owners who do not want to a ship sail with cargo and crew through the pirate-filled waters without armed guards.

Justice Department received the application on the 17th of February according to reports. It is the fourth application from Danish shipping companies that wants to arm their merchant ships.

Daily, around the Gulf of Eden Somalia pirates have been attacking merchant ships disrupting business and pushing companies to financial losses. But employing extra arm guards will be extra costs but it will mean that the ships and its crews are protected and businesses can ensure the delivery of their cargo.

At this moment consignments in 15 ships are being held in Danish ports waiting for the Justice Ministry's decision. Indications from the ministry indicate that the case is being examined as quickly as possible.

According Danish Ship-owners Association, merchant ships flying the Danish flag are under attacked every day and the attacks are becoming more aggressive. The vessels are in waters that stretch from the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean to the Far East.

In just one week, three ships escaped being hijacked, because there were armed guards on board who scared the pirates way.
By Scancomark.se Team

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