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Danish industrial sector looking to increase investment but some authorities remain weary

Friday, 20 April 2012
The Danish industrial sector is looking at increasing its investment in the coming months projected to increase by 25 percent this year. It comes from review of industrial investment perception in Denmark in March carried out by Statistics Denmark. But some authorities feel that the climate is still stormy in the horizon and statistic Denmark might be too over ambitious.

Compared to a similar poll from October last year, the rising expectation is up by 17 percentage points - from a projected increase of 8 percent to 25 percent now.

Although the figures mostly are merely an indicator of how the future economy may look, it thus gives hope of prosperity.

If expectations hold there will be the expected "ketchup effect" on investment, according to the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

“It is gratifying that the industrial sector expects an investment boost of 25 percent in 2012 - and gratifying that expectations are broadly based,” says Bo Sandberg, chief economist of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

He believes that there has been low investment for a long time.
“Revenue has evolved somewhat, but has not been strong enough to pull jobs and investment in time,” says Bo Sandberg.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce holds that it is high time to increase investment and there is agreement that there is a great need for increased investment.

There is consensus that there has been historically little investment in Denmark in the past years and that weakens the country’s capital stock, according to Maria Hove Pedersen, economic consultant in Danish Chamber of Industries

She does not believe that the increase in investment will be as large as the figures from Statistics Denmark show. The economic climate is still too uncertain, and it makes companies to hold back.

“We need a period of higher growth and more stability in the economy before we get real dry bulk investments,” she says.
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